What to know before you visit Washington DC

When you are planning a visit to Washington DC, you want to hear that it is going to be a very slow month, and a good time to fit in a quick visit to the area. The reason you want this, is because you will be avoiding the large crowds of people and will be able to see the places that you have been wanting to see for quite a while. Take advantage of the slow season and book a trip to see the Nation’s Capitol without all of the hustle and bustle of other’s visiting. In this article we will go over what to expect with your visit to Washington, DC in February and all that you should keep in mind. If you have nor yet, be sure to check out a guided tour for your visit with Capitol Express Tours, so they can help make your trip go smoother and easier. Let’s not waste anymore time, and get to the planning of our Washington DC trip!

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Washington DC Weather in February

Visiting a new place anytime of year that you are not familiar with, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the weather conditions. This will help you in deciding what to pack clothing wise etc. In Washington, in February, snow falls for 3.8 days, with typically accumulated 1.81″ (46mm) of snow. Throughout the year, in Washington, there are 11.7 snowfall days, and 6.3″ (160mm) of snow is accumulated. The cold season lasts for 3.1 months, from December 1 to March 4, with an average daily high temperature below 52°F. The coldest month of the year in Washington, D.C. is January, with an average low of 30°F and high of 44°F. The month of February in the nation’s capital tends to be cold, however, some warming is normally noted towards the end of this month. Now that we are aware it is going to be a bit colder this time of year, we know that we need to pack accordingly to ensure that you will be nice and warm for your visit to Washington, DC.

What to pack

Although it is colder when you visit Washington, DC in the month of February, we have a list for what you should pack for the trip. It always best to be prepared and ready when you are going to a new place, so you are not spending money on clothing you already have available to you at home. You definitely should pack a coat and a hat with some gloves to keep your hands warm. If you book a guided cart tour with Capitol Express Tours while you are in Washington DC, this too is a good way to stay cuddled up and warm while you make your way around the capitol. Foot wear is important too, you want good tread on your shoes if you plan to be walking.

Side Note

In the month of February we have one holiday which is President’s Day. This means that the kids should be out of school and can leave you some time to take a trip some place such as Washington, DC. If you are in Washington DC during Valentine’s Day you can go visit a few of the amazing restaurants in the area. Even though outdoor activities are perfectly plausible, a lot of people may want to focus on indoor activities. You can tour the Capitol, the Library of Congress and the U.S. Botanic Gardens. February is also African American History Month. Make sure to check out the special events spanning the Smithsonian, the National Archives, and other institutions. The Nation’s Capitol has much to offer any time of the year, exploring is endless in Washington DC. There is so much history to visit and soak on, and you can walk away with a wealth of knowledge.

Capitol Express Tours; Making Touring Easier

The best way to score a good deal is to avoid traveling during high season. So, instead of touching down during the busy spring, the cheapest time to visit Washington, D.C. is during winter. DC is open without capacity restrictions and we look forward to welcoming you. The health and safety of visitors to Washington, DC remains a top priority. Wear lots of warm layers and plan for the weather and you’ll be able to have a memorable experience in the nation’s capital, despite the chill in the air. Budget savvy travelers will often profess that February is the best time to visit Washington DC because of the discount hotel rates and quieter crowds. Another great thing you can find when you are in Washington DC is that Capitol Express Tours is ready to help you have a smooth trip and see all you want to see in a timely manner while avoiding having to walk everywhere, and avoiding any possible crowds that could be present. If you are planning a visit to the Nation’s Capitol contact Capitol Express Tours to ensure that you are in good hands and can learn a lot from the staff who are locals! We look forward to hearing from you.