Types of Guided Tours in DC

When planning your trip to DC you may be wanting to set up a guided tour to make your trip a little more manageable. Luckily DC has many options for guided tours. In this article we will discuss those and what booking one will look like for you. Guided tours remove the confusion and all the walking that a trip to DC Intel’s. Let’s get started and look at some of the options available to make this the best adventure of your life!

Electric Cart Tours

Cart tours are the sure way to go on an adventure to explore the highly popular monuments and war memorials of Washington, this is an option for a smaller group of sight seers! Just hop into one of the cruisers and start learning and seeing this history surrounding you! Get a glimpse of the White House and travel around and through Capitol Hill, the Smithsonian museum complex, plus a plethora of famous memorials and monuments — like the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument — and many other hotspots. The carts are one of the favorites of tourist to use, due to the convince and low cost!

Trolly Tours

Trolley tours come in second on our list of ways to explore DC through a guided tour of the park! For this tour during the current pandemic you will be asked to wear a mask (as of when this article was written). Social distancing will be enforced during the tour as well. This tour is 90 minutes long and meant for a larger group of people who are touring the area. Also they offer an exclusive foreign language guide as well!

Washington DC Premier Dinner Cruise

This option for your touring pleasure is a little more expensive than the others, but who wouldn’t want to take a tour on a boat? This cruise will take 2.5 hours with many amenities for your pleasure! You will be able to dine on a 3 course meal, dancing and live music as well! The tour will go along the Potomac River, you will be onboard the beautiful Odyssey cruise ship.

DC at Dusk Guided Tour

If you are more the type of person who prefers to not be in the heat of DC or in a large crowd of people and want your tour experience to be late at night. then this is the option for you! You will be riding a luxury mini-coach past major landmarks on this night bus tour of Washington DC. It is said that the capital is a site at dusk, and the beauty is hard to describe, and you should see it at least once after the sun sets. Grab some dinner from a local diner then enjoy an educational yet relaxing tour of the capital!

Golf Cart Tours DC

Traveling to DC will leave you many options to explore and make memories. Standing where many have stood that have made their way into history books for decades will give you a sense of appreciation for the country you inhabit. DC wants to leave you feeling empowered and with a new appreciation for the history this beautiful country was built upon. Any history buff would have a field day here, the monuments are much larger in person, and the effect is more impactful than simply seeing a picture in a text book in school. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to DC and pick which type of tour will best suit you and the experience you have envisioned for yourself!