Secret Things You Must Do in Washington DC

If you have been to DC and have seen all the historical places that are typically visited and are looking to venture back to the area with new sites in mind, keep reading. In this article we will discuss some hidden places for you to go explore and learn about. Most of these places are not known of or are rarely discussed cause the monuments over shadow the beauty of other great finds in the area. Most Tour Guide places will educate on some of these so you have knowledge of them. Let’s get started discussing these gems!

Tudor Place

This beautiful home is a site to see. Designed by the architect of the Capitol, William Thornton, Tudor’s place was the home of six generations of the Peter Family. Its founders were Thomas and Martha (George Washington’s step-granddaughter), and all of their heirs were born, married and died in the rooms of this National Historic Landmark in the hills above Georgetown. The house belonged to the family from 1805 to 1983 until it was deeded over to the Tudor Place Foundation. This tells the story of heritage and is one of America’s last urban estates from the Federal Era. The beautiful gardens outside will have you feeling like you never want to leave as you look at the hard work they have put into this gorgeous home.

President Lincoln’s Cottage

This cottage is absolutely breathtaking. President Lincoln called this his home during one of the most notable wars, the Civil War. The cottage can be found in Hilltop NW Washington D.C. You can walk through and get a feel for what it felt like to pace the halls of the home and to be the president during that time period, which one would imagine that he found great solace in his cottage and here was where he did most if not all of his critical thinking. The walls of this cottage hold memories that you can feel as you step into the home of one of the most impressive presidents the United States has ever known.

The DEA Museum

The DEA Museum is most certainly a very intriguing one to be able to visit. If your interest is in Law Enforcement and the history behind the DEA you must visit this museum. This place pacts the adrenaline and action you have been longing for! Here you can learn how the DEA handles drug enforcement and as the usage of illegal drugs are climbing you leave with a respect for the efforts made to get these illegal substances off of the streets. They show permanent exhibits on the history of opium dens, patent medicines with illegal ingredients; the connection between heroin and jazz; and the history of Colombian drug cartels. You can even go see the mysterious bundles of pot that fell out of a plane from Mexico over the skies of San Diego. This Museum is one you need to give a chance as you can learn alot of really interesting facts you may not otherwise ever know!

The Exorcist steps

The Exorcist Steps is one you may have never heard of or even really knew was in the area of Washington DC. If you are into the supernatural and looking for a bit of scary supernatural adventure you need to check this out for sure! These particular stairs are famous for being used in the 1973 film “The Exorcist” a film many of us have heard of. These stairs have a creepy feel to them, and your senses are on high alert, looking for a rush, or a photo op give these famous stairs a visit.

In Closing

As you have learned in this article DC has many places to visit , and if you are a lover of DC and visit often you should not have a shortage of things to do and stay busy all while learning so many new exciting things. If you do your research you will find so many places that have history backing them with incredible stories to leave you baffled you had never heard of it before! Make the most out of your visit to DC and go look at some of the places many do not even know are there!