Romantic things to do in DC

When you are thinking about taking a romantic trip with the one you love you may not typically think of Washington DC. But, that is not to say that you should not consider it. Washington DC has much to offer the every day couple as far as building memories and finding a lot of great adventures to keep you busy. In this article we will discuss the romantic couple friendly activities for you to do in Washington DC. Let’s get started!!!!

The Wharf

The Wharf is a multi-billion dollar mixed-use development on the Southwest Waterfront in Washington, D.C. It contains the city’s historic Maine Avenue Fish Market, hotels, residential buildings, restaurants, shops, parks, piers, docks and marinas, and live music venues. The perfect place to spend time with your love. Literally anything you could ever want to do is here right within walking distance. You may have heard others talk about the wharf and how you will never find boredom here, you could actually revisit here and still find something new and exciting to do! Tennis, bicycling, running and swimming round out the array of activities you can have before its time to voyage back to The Wharf – for free. Be sure to add this to your list of fun places to go while you are on your trip to Washington DC.

Gravelly Point Park

Gravelly Point is an area within the National Park Service’s George Washington Memorial Parkway in Arlington County, Virginia, in the United States. It is located on the west side of the Potomac River, north of Roaches Run and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. Enjoy Gravelly Point Park and Columbia Island Marina Car-free! Run along the Mount Vernon Trail; sit under airplanes taking off, or hop on a kayak and tour the Potomac River – all from Gravelly Point Park and Columbia Island Marina. The George Washington Memorial Parkway is generally open year round, 24 hours a day. What a great romantic idea, watching the planes fly in, you are guaranteed to see the planes every single day! If you are in the market for something unique to do and something that will definitely be a memory, check out Gravelly Point!

Capital Wheel

The Capital Wheel is a Ferris wheel at National Harbor, Maryland, just outside Washington, D. C., in the United States. It opened on May 23, 2014. The wheel was conceived by National Harbor developer Milton Peterson and inspired by the Roue de Paris. You may be wondering how long the ride is, the ride on  the wheel usually takes about 12-15 minutes which is plenty of time to soak in the scenery around you and see all you could not see before. With 42 climate-controlled gondolas, The Capital Wheel is open all year long. Sights visible from The Capital Wheel include National Harbor, the Washington Monument, City of Alexandria, Masonic Temple, Georgetown and more throughout the DC-Maryland-Virginia region. This is a very romantic date night idea. Who does love a huge Ferris wheel that lets you see the true beauty of the city and all it has to offer!

National Zoo

The National Zoological Park, commonly known as the National Zoo, is one of the oldest zoos in the United States. It is part of the Smithsonian Institution and does not charge admission. Who does not love a visit to a beautiful zoo? Strolling through and seeing all the exotic animals while with your person you hold the dearest. The Zoo is free, but entry passes are required for all guests, including infants. All visitors ages 2 and older are required to wear a mask in all indoor spaces at the Zoo, regardless of their vaccination status. Fully vaccinated visitors do not need to wear a mask in outdoor areas. You will need to free up 2-4 hours to see all of the zoo, this is the recommended time. If you are looking for a laid back relaxed time with your partner this is a good start, a great place to have conversations and get some really cool pictures together.

National Mall : Night Time Visit

The long, grassy National Mall is home to iconic monuments including the Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument. At the eastern end is the domed U.S. Capitol, and the White House is to the north. It’s also flanked by Smithsonian museums, and its lawns and pathways are often crowded with school groups, joggers and softball teams. Nearby, the Tidal Basin reservoir is known for its blossoming cherry trees, which are a very big deal in  Washington DC, and an absolute beauty to see in person. You could easily spend an entire day exploring the national mall, if you use a guided tour they will get you around the national mall with ease. Capitol Express Tours knows exactly where to take you and when to take you while avoiding the crowds.

District Distilling Co.

If you are a couple that enjoys visiting distillery’s and sitting down and enjoying a drink. All while being able to watch them and learn about how they create and make their products. This is a good end to a busy day around Washington DC. Sit down and enjoy all the local brews and sprits they have to offer and talk to locals about the area, it is always nice to feel welcome when you are visiting an area, and here they will make you feel like family as they welcome you and fill you in on all the local gossip of DC.

Capitol Express Tours; Site seeing with the one you love

Your guide is a knowledgeable, experienced professional who will deliver an informative and captivating narrative of the present metropolitan configuration, as well as a historical perspective. If you are looking for a peaceful stress free way to explore while you are visiting Washington DC for a romantic getaway, book your tour with Capitol Express Tours, you are guaranteed to learn and appreciate the city from locals and feel safe and know that you are getting the best experience DC has to offer.