Ghost of DC

History is an interesting aspect of any area. When you go to a new place you always are curious about the history in the area. If you are one of those curious people who like to  know more in depth history as well as some tales from the locals you are in luck, if there is one thing Washington, DC does not lack, that is some really interesting tales.  Deep inside the beltway lurks a different side to the legends you know. This great city is built on the passions of famous Americans. And wherever passion builds, blood is spilled, lives are lost but spirits cling on. Or at least that is what legend says. If you are booking a guided tour be sure to ask them about some of the scary history surrounding Washington, DC. One of the many benefits of investing in a guided tour is they are locals and they can tell you some facts you would not otherwise have known.

What brings the spook to DC?

It all begins with Abraham Lincoln, being noted as the first President to be assonated at the Ford Theatre. There were many deaths to follow after that, and have left some unsettled sprits to DC. Even in most recent events we have seen death on the capital grounds. Not only is the White House grounds noted for having paranormal activity, areas surrounding DC do as well. If you have booked a guided tour do not forget to ask them about the things that go bump in the night so you can have all the history you need from the locals. In this article I am going to list some of the most notable places to go visit while you are in Washington, DC.

  1. Rock Creek Park- Here it is said that you will find Woodland spirits and creepy-crawlies are said to haunt this 1,754-acre park in the middle of D.C.
  2. 3206 Q Street NW-  Here is the site where a very gruesome murder took place, but was sold in 2013 & going under  contract in the year 2019
  3. Walsh Mansion-Currently housing the Indonesian Embassy, this is one of Dupont Circle’s most haunted properties. The ghost-in-residence: eponymous former owner Evalyn Walsh McLean, who was one of the last owners of the Hope Diamond.
  4. Old Stone House- Many have claimed to see plenty of the ghosts and spooks here. This is one of the oldest structures in DC, here they say a spirit names George has actually choked people.
  5. The Exorcist Steps- the steps in the movie “Exorcist” filmed in 1973 have since been recognized as a historic landmark since 2019
  6. The Hay-Adams- This one is a personal favorite, lots of history in the walls here. It said that Marian Hooper Adams who is also known as “Clover” like to haunt here she was the wife of the writer Henry Adams. Marian died here and they say she likes to make her presence known around the time of her death which is in the month of December.
  7. Cutts-Madison House- This was the home to the first lady Dolley Madison. It has been said that you can see her on the porch she spent the last few years of her life here.
  8. Decatur House-  What is now a historic museum which many visit, the rumor is that the sprit of a naval officer Stephen Decatur haunts here. He died there during a duel.
  9. Mary Surratt House- Referring back to Abe Lincoln, this was the boarding house Mary occupied during the conspiracy of the assassination of Mr. Lincoln .Surratt, who was hanged for conspiracy, allegedly haunts the place.
  10. The White House- Let’s end with this one. America’s most famous address is also one of its most haunted. Dolley Madison is supposedly a regular 170 years after her death. The most famous spirit rattling about the house, though, is probably Abraham Lincoln. Granted you will hear many more tales regarding the spooky history in the White House walls.


Whatever you do, just be sure you have done your research wherever you are going to visit to go find some scary stories. Some places offer strictly haunted ghost tours for those that seek to see the other realm of the paranormal.