Flag Day in DC (June 14, 2024)

History of Flag Day

Flag Day is an annual holiday celebrated on June 14th. When the American Revolution began in 1775, the colonists did not unite under a single flag. Instead, various units fighting for independence carried their own banners. In June 1775, the Second Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia to form the Continental Army, aiming to create a cohesive force for a more organized fight against British forces. This led to the creation of the first “American” flag.

Betsy Ross is widely believed to have crafted the first American flag. She contributed to the Revolutionary War effort by sewing tents and repairing uniforms, and she is regarded as a key figure in American history. Despite her contributions, Francis Hopkinson, a delegate from New Jersey, is credited with designing the American flag.

Flag Day commemorates June 14th, 1777, the day when the United States officially approved the national flag design. Visiting Washington, DC, offers a meaningful way to celebrate this significant day. Here are some suggestions for commemorating Flag Day.

Visit Areas in DC Where Flags are Displayed

Flags are prominently displayed throughout Washington, DC, especially near the monuments. The National Mall is an ideal location to visit on Flag Day.

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Visit Arlington National Cemetery

Pay your respects at Arlington National Cemetery, a solemn and significant site honoring those who fought for our country. Here, you can witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier every half hour during the summer months, where the flag plays a prominent role in honoring fallen soldiers and symbolizing national unity.

Visit the National Museum of American History

Explore the exhibits at the National Museum of American History, which houses the original flag that inspired the national anthem. Learn about the history and significance of the flag while immersing yourself in the nation’s rich heritage.

Visit the Monuments and Memorials

Washington, DC, is home to many iconic landmarks and memorials, making it the perfect place to celebrate the creation of the US flag. For a stress-free experience, consider joining our narrated tour along Pennsylvania Avenue from the White House to the Capitol, traversing the heart of the National Mall. You’ll see various monumental landmarks, memorials, and other sites that highlight the rich history of the nation’s capital. Notable locations include the US Capitol, the World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial, among other impressive sites displaying the flag. Book your tour today!

Family in Golf Cart in front of Washington Monument. Photo Taken by Ted Everett