Experience Washington D.C. in February

If you’ve never been to the nation’s capitol, you’re probably curious about making the most out of your visit. But when is the best time of year for a guided golf tour in Washington D.C? For many folks, the answer to this question is directly tied to the cost of their experience.

If you, like many other Americans, are looking for a fun experience in Washington D.C. at a great price, you may consider visiting during the colder months when D.C. is at its cheapest. This article looks at reasons why visiting our nation’s capitol in winter is a gorgeous, safe, and more affordable time to visit than at other times of the year!

When Is the Best Time of Year to Visit Washington D.C?

If you, like the average American, enjoy saving money and having fun at the same time, visiting our nation’s capitol during the tourism “off season” is actually the best time of year to come. Whether you’re interested in touring American monuments or want a narrated stroll down Pennsylvania Avenue, guided tours around Washington D.C. are more fun when experienced from the seat of an environmentally-friendly electric golf cart! For more ideas of things to do in Washington D.C. in February, check our blog.

Here are some of the main reasons to visit Washington D.C. in February.

Avoid the Crowds

Not only is visiting Washington D.C. in February cheaper, but you are likely to avoid crowds as well. Evading the swells of people who visit in summer, spring, and fall means discounted rates at hotels and attractions; it also means a reduced risk of contracting COVID-19.

Don’t wait in line to see iconic memorials or to be admitted into the Smithsonian. Visiting D.C. in winter is a great way to skip the risk and hassle associated with the tourists who flock to the area during the warmer months.

Get Good Rates on Hotels

With hotel rates at their lowest over the course of the winter months, it can be hard to argue with the cost of coming to visit D.C. in February. Lodging accommodation services know that visiting in the winter months is challenging for some, and they offer lower rates to reflect this. If you are not deterred by freezing temperatures, booking your trip in February is a great way to save on lodging!

See Our Nation’s Capitol in a Unique Light

Visiting D.C. in February means you may get the opportunity to see the capitol cloaked in a beautiful blanket of snow for a unique look at the area. Tourists visiting in February are also likely to be able to attend The Washington Auto Show, one of the premier car shows in America. Guided golf cart tours are at their cheapest in February, so don’t miss out on this fun experience!

Late February and into March is a great time of year to come witness the capitol transition from winter to spring with the budding of hundreds of cherry blossoms, though these peak in late March.

washington monument during cherry blossom blooming in washington dc

Easier to Adapt to Low Temperatures Than High Temperatures and Humidity

If you’re not afraid of temperatures dipping into the 20s, you may actually want to visit Washington D.C. in the winter. Fortunately, as long as you have access to heated buildings, warm clothing, and automobiles that handle well in the snow, visiting D.C. in winter doesn’t have to be scary!

Summertime is the worst time to visit Washington D.C, as it’s swelteringly hot and humid, and very crowded. This can pose a safety hazard for those with pre-existing health concerns or for those who are sensitive to weather extremes.

What’s the Weather Like In Washington D.C. in February?

If you’re interested in visiting Washington D.C. in February, you will likely want to know what the weather’s like that time of year.

As D.C. is high on the east coast of the continental United States, it can be quite cold in winter–but is it too cold in February to visit Washington D.C?

As you may have guessed, winter is a chilly time to visit Washington D.C, with temperatures ranging from 29°F-51°F on average. However, this is up 5°F-7°F from January, and temperatures have been known to get as high as 77°F in the month of February!

It’s usually prudent to pack warm and layered clothing for a trip to Washington D.C. in February. It is best to bring along clothes made out of wool, down, or wind-resistant materials–but be sure to check the weather before you want to come and visit!

Interested in a Guided Golf Cart Tour of Washington D.C?

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