Best Things to Do In DC

Washington D.C. has much to offer anyone who wants to take a trio to getaway to the historical area. Many of us have only read about the history in books and have never really stood in front of the monumental beauty DC holds. Not only does DC offer the historical monuments, you have food, art, and a pretty nice night life to enjoy while you are there, and DC is noted for being extremely beautiful after sunset, a sight many say you do not want to miss. In this article we will discuss some things you should do while you are visiting DC, Let’s get started!

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is one of the top favorites for visitors to DC. Those who love history will be thrilled to enjoy the man of few words’ two famous speeches, the second inaugural address and the Gettysburg Address, which are both etched into the memorial’s opposing walls. Meanwhile, art history and architecture.  Many say the Lincoln Memorial is worth checking out during the day or at night, many recent travelers say the most captivating time to visit is after dark when the attraction is lit and less crowded. Plus, evening temps will make peak summer visits more comfortable.

Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans Memorials

The Vietnam Veterans and Korean War Veterans Memorials are one of the most moving, and amazing ones to get to see, Many say this experience is truly powerful to the onlooker. Here you will see a long black wall completely filled with over 58.000 names engraved upon it. These names belong to those who passed during the Vietnam War, and is a war to honor the fallen. According to those who have been here they say it leaves you feeling emotional but a new appreciation for the sacrifice all these brave men and women gave their country. If you are visiting here looking for a name of someone you know the names are in order of the date they died, you will need to visit during the day to check through the names as it is harder to read them at night time. The Korean War Veterens pays its respects to 1.5 million who served in what is famously known as “The Forgotten War”

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

If you do not like to be emotional you may need to skip this one. In this museum you see the harsh reality of the holocaust and all the history of the horrible things they had to endure. When you first go into the museum you will be given a name card, a name card that is someone who was actually apart of the holocaust. as you move through the exhibits – Hitler’s rise to power, anti-Semitic propaganda, the horrors of the Final Solution – you’ll be given updates on your person’s well-being. Those who have been here before say you will be moved by the powerful experience this tour will give you, almost to the point that you feel like the person whose name you are holding.  Other exhibits and facilities like the Hall of Remembrance, the Survivors and Victims Resource Center, a library, restrooms and a gift shop can be visited year-round without a ticket.

Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture

The design of this establishment is meant to represent the three-tiered crown that was found in Youruban art from West Africa. Accompanied by bronze- colored latticework that are meant to honor the United States’ and the Slave Roots. This is as well an emotional journey, as you travel through history, and learn of major events about the mistreatment during these times. The tour has many artifacts, 36,000 to be exact. It can take time to get tickets here as it is a new establishment. So be sure to book those in advance to your trip to DC!

Washington D.C, has so much to do that you may have to take a few trips there to get the full experience. So much to be learned and taught about important history that children and adults alike need to learn about. Make sure you plan out what all you will be doing to allow yourself enough time to get through all the things you are hoping to do while there visiting. Keep in mind as well that most places are enforcing covid restrictions still, but this does not mean you cannot go out and explore you just need to be cautious of public areas and wear a mask to protect you and those that are around you!