Best Months to Visit DC

Although you can always see the monuments and memorials, visit the museums, and check out countless other sights in DC, there are certain times that may make your trip to the nation’s capital easier. Based on weather, crowds, and events in the city, here are the best months to visit DC.


Weather: As the seasons shift from summer to fall, the weather is beautiful in the city. September is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and explore the city’s sites by foot and on tours.

Crowds: Since the peak summer season is coming to an end and kids are going back to school, it is the perfect time to visit the city if you can.

Events: Adams Morgan Day, Oktoberfest, the H Street Festival, Theater Week, and hiking around Rock Creek Park while enjoying the autumn foliage!


Weather: The temperature in October is getting a little chillier, so you’ll need a jacket, but it is still quite pleasant for walking around and enjoying the city.

Crowds: As the temperature drops, this is the perfect time to visit DC. There will be less people as it is no longer the hot summer months and kids are at school, but there are still exciting sights, events, and beautiful nature to enjoy.

Events: Mount Vernon Fall Wine Festival, Rock the Park DC WKNDR Dance Festival, International City Food Festival, and various Halloween events.


Weather: The temperature is in the 50s and 60s and sometimes higher, making for extremely enjoyable weather to explore the city. Make sure to be prepared for rain as well though!

Crowds: March is the perfect time before the weather becomes like summer and most tourists are coming to DC. It is also before Easter Weekend, meaning you’ll be able to avoid a lot of crowds that will be forming soon. Although many people often come for the Cherry Blossom Festival, which is something you don’t want to miss.

Events: The National Cherry Blossom Festival, St. Patrick’s Day, and visit the monuments while at the Tidal Basin.

Looking for an easy way to tour DC’s sites?

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