Best Methods To See the Monuments in DC

When you travel anywhere you want to see the sites and all that the area has to offer, and sometimes that can seem like a challenge to do so and get it all done in a timely manner. When in DC most people want to see all of the monuments there. In this article we will discuss some quick tips and tricks to do this without instance. WE all want to get the most of of our travels, and hopefully this article can help you do just that! Let’s get started!

Dc Monuments

Go See The Monuments Early Morning or the Evening

According to the locals in the area of DC they say that the best time to see these historical monuments is after sunset. On the other hand going in the morning is also a really goof time to go. The majority of the museums open around 10am. The National Mall is a nice peaceful relaxing place before all the hustle and bustle begins in the city. The busiest times for the National Mall is between noon and 3pm. So, if you are planning your tripe try to visit these places around these times in order to avoid any lines or wait time or just the business from all the tourists.

Eat and Drink Plenty of Water

If you are going to be looking for some good sports to dine and relax you will not find them in the National Mall. The National Mall is not noted for having fine dining options available to you.  According to many it is best to eat a meal or snack before entering that way you do not find yourself hungry with no options around. Do not forget to being water with you so you can stay hydrated. IT can get pretty hot in DC and the water fountains seem to always have issues with working properly. There are a few concession stands and food trucks around the national mall where you can buy a bottle of water. Be sure to bring your own and be prepared!

Guided Tours

Guided Tours are the best most efficient way to get though your tour of the monuments in DC. You can find more options for a guided your than really anything in DC, they are readily available  to you. You may be wondering what these tours include? walking tours, bike yours, Segway tours, bus tours, boat tours, and many many more to pick from! Most of the time you can pay after the tours and it is not expensive to do so!

National Mall App

Now days we have apps for literally anything! Luckily National Mall has an app you can download if you decide that you do not want to go on a guided tour. The best feature of the app is that it shows you the exact location for each monument you would like to see, and will guide you there, not only is it showing you the monuments that you would already know of, it includes smaller monuments that you probably did not even know were there! Also, with each site it shows it will give you a brief introduction to what the Monument is and what it stands for, so you can go see it with all the knowledge to really comprehend the history surrounding it!

In Closing;

As you are traveling around DC and planning a perfect history filled getaway, keep all these tips in the back of your mind to prevent any issues that could arise. It is always better to be over prepared than not prepared enough/ We have all been on that vacation where we forgot a step and it put a damper on the remainder of the trip. Hopefully this article will make your adventure to DC as smooth as can be!