Best Free Experiences for kids in DC

When you are planning a trip you want to keep saving money in the back of your mind. In this article we will discuss some free things you can do while on your visit to Washington, DC. Trips can be costly, and there are ways to save money, especially if you are going with children.  If you’re looking for even more budget-friendly fun, you can save big on popular paid attractions with Washington, DC’s best city and attraction passes. Discover discounted sightseeing tours, museum passes and a list of so much more to pick from. Let’s get started on saving you some money!

National Mall

As you  may know visiting the National Mall is a must while you are on your trip to this beautiful area. Here you can see many important factors from history, and almost feel like you are literally walking a path through all the historical events that built and formed the America we know today. You can see the Lincoln and Jefferson memorials, as well as the well known National Museum of African American History and Culture. The reflecting pool is also a beautiful site to see as you travel through time, time that holds many lessons. Being able to get a visual of the sacrifices many soldiers made, as well as the words that brought the nation to fight equality through Doctor king.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial

The Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial, also known as the FDR memorial, gives honors to the 32nd president of the United States and is composed of four “rooms” which represent each of his four terms as commander-in-chief. Bronze sculptures of the president, First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and his trusty canine and First Pet Fala, who took some pretty great pictures. Children take a a lot of knowledge and appreciation for the history during FDR’s time in the white house.

Watch planes take off and land at Gravelly Point

Get the family together, and pack some snacks and head on over to Gravelly Point, which is located in Arlington County, Virginia at the end of a runway at Ronald Reagan International Airport, area surrounding you is gorgeous and plenty of space for you to take a seat with your family enjoy some lunch and watch planes land and take off.  A close look at how large planes are and a lesson on how airplane travel works, it is neat to see how many come and go and ponder where they are going and where they came from.

Hirshhorn Museum’s Sculpture Garden

Since opening in 1974, they have been a leading voice for the groundbreaking artists of our time. By 1966, an Act of Congress established the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, and in 1974 it opened to wide acclaim. Throughout the Museum’s first ten years, much of the focus centered on the collection itself, with Founding Director Abram Lerner overseeing the research, conservation, and installation of more than 6,000 objects.

Nature at Rock Creek Park

The nature at Rock Creek Park is made up of 1,754 acres of National Park Service land from northwest DC into Maryland This is a well known site for tourist and locals alike.  Lush greenery, miles of trails and picnic areas and gorgeous forestry make this space a must-see for families looking to add recreation to their DC visit. This is the perfect spot to spend a day with your family and enjoy the beauty of nature for free!

Traveling always comes with expenses expected or otherwise. Keep in mind that most places waive fees for children under a certain age, so if you have younger aged children this could save you a lot of money by researching what places have kids free. Also check into guided free tours which can also save you money and time with traveling and attempting to get all the sites in.